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Post Info TOPIC: what is joe pilchesky's motive for lcfc kids 4 kash? Can he be recieving kick backs from Attorney Melanie Naro?


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what is joe pilchesky's motive for lcfc kids 4 kash? Can he be recieving kick backs from Attorney Melanie Naro?

Why else would a 62 year old, , ex contractor / felon, use troubled parents witch are manifested with substance abuse, bad parenting skills or mental illnesses? The same parents who are in denial, and who are blindly led by pilchesky, given false hope that there is a conspiracy with a corrupt court system called lcfc. This man a coward, a theif, and a con artist, yours truly joe p.

His first motive is manipulating vulnerable / troubled parents into buying ino his conspiracy theory. Whats in it for him? recieving sexual favors and money. Such as the 4000 dollars stephanie tarapchak had given him, along with other " amongst other things " that were on the record in a 5 day hearing back in Speptember.

Another scam job he has going on, is very clear, below is a poste from DD on page 40 of there sight. As we all know, joe pilchesky's website is nothing more then a never never land. He paints pictures with peoples stories with very limited documents. A matter of fact in the Tarapchak vs Tarapchak case, he alleges melanie naro bulldoged everyone of alex tarapchaks witnesses, and that stephanie tarapchak came out victorious. There is no proof to back that up, and he will not post anything because nothing exist.

The real conspiracy here people is joe pilchesky acting as an attorney, promising people freedom and legal services, and taking their money. Can attorney Melanie Naro be in on this to? Absolutely. After reading Joes most recent post that is underneath, him making lies up about the tarapchak case, and making attorney naro look like a super Attorney. Now joe lied to the people and has them believe Melanie Naro did an outstanding job for Dr. Tarapchak. Im sure pilchesky is getting kick backs from Naro for every client he gives her. Using these sick parents, giving them false hope and making them feel like they are not the problem. If them people were informed about the truth of the outcome of the tarapchak case, if them people new the truth about dr tarapchak. There would be no one on DD. Well wait a minute. There would. Joe P, Dr stephanie T and all of joes other made up aliases

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Joe Pilchesky wrote:

Mongoose wrote:

And that quickly Alex T. and Campolieto are off the hook. Nice.


This time, Dr. Tarapchak had a lawyer in Atty. Melanie Naro who didn't sell her out, like Jim Mulligan did. After years of Atty. Campolieto, Mr. Tarapchak's lawyer, trying to brand Dr. Tarapchak as a drunk and a drug addict, the court determined that neither is true after hearing three days of intense direct examination from Dr. Tarapchak on the witness stand; and two days of testimony by Mr. Tarapchak's witnesses, who were repeatedly proven to be liars, and admitted to it under oath when pressed by Atty. Naro.

It is refreshing to hear that there remains an attorney that works within the LCFC system that remains noble, honest and willing to take a stand against all of the corruption. Given that Atty. Melanie Naro was willing to do it for Dr. Tarapchak, then all of our business and money should be directed to her. After all, I have not read anywhere on this thread that ANY attorney was willing to do what she did. We should all pass along her name to anyone involved in divorce, custody and any actions before LCFC.



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